Poland is the leader in candle exports

Poland is the leader in candle exports 11 October 2022

In 2020, Polish companies exported candles worth USD 620 million, improving their result from 2019 by USD 15 million. According to the data of The Observatory of Economic Complexity – OEC, Poland advanced to the first place on the list of exporters, ahead of China (USD 618 million), Vietnam (USD 384 million), the USA (USD 219 million) and the Netherlands (USD 199 million). These results placed the candles in the 595th position of the most sold products in the world, with a total turnover of $ 3.38 billion. [1] Polwax remains the leader in the Polish market of suppliers of raw materials and semi-finished products for the candles and grave candles production.

[1] https://oec.world/en/profile/hs/candles?redirect=true