Hot-melt adhesives

The market offers a wide range of adhesives as well as bonding techniques. One of them is hot-melt adhesives that are widely used in a variety of industries. Hot-melt adhesives produced by Polwax S.A. are used primarily in the paper and packaging industry to bond multi-layer surfaces or in the furniture and wood industry to bond wooden surfaces. Their use was also found in the candle industry to insert wicks in flooded candles and grave candles.

The main advantage of hot-melt adhesives produced by Polwax S.A. over popular solvent-based adhesives is the absence of emissions of harmful organic compounds emitted during the process of drying of solvent-based adhesives. It is only necessary to cool the material to the temperature at which the glue will solidify. The resulting combination is characterised by high durability, strength and being insensitive to water and moisture.

Product name
Product description

Used as a bonding agent for coating multi-layer packaging

Alpackwax Plus

Used as a bonding agent for coating multi-layer packaging. Product intended for food contact

Fusible Wax

Used as a glue bonding wooden surfaces