Polwax S.A. is a leader in the paraffin market.

Thanks to many years of experience, wide product range and continuous development, the company is currently among the largest European producers and distributors of refined and renewable paraffin, waxes and industrial paraffin products.

Polwax S.A. is the biggest in Poland and one of the European leaders in the paraffin market, producer and distributor of refined and renewable paraffin, waxes and products composed on the base of paraffin.

The company started its activity in January 2012, but its origins date back to 1999. For more than 20 years, thanks to a high and stable quality of products, the use of modern technology processes, the adjustment of the offer to individual needs of the customer as well as its own R&D facilities, Polwax S.A. has achieved a well-established position in many segments of the economy.

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The company regularly amends its product portfolio, putting more emphasis on the development of products intended for industry, including products from the fertilisers market, food contact products in food production and packaging processes for foodstuffs, emulsions and waxes for wood and furniture industries, as well as plant protection products or formulas for the rubber industry.

The company focuses on the development of modern paraffin-based formulas for the industry, while not forgetting the importance of the candles and grave candles market. Therefore, for many years, Zakład Produkcji Świec i Zniczy located in Czechowice-Dziedzice has produced grave candles and table candles, as well as candles potted in containers of different shapes, sizes and colours.

Polwax S.A. thinks ecologically and cares about the environment. All installations and production processes have a low environmental impact. Thanks to access to its own laboratories, the company guarantees the production of good quality and safe products for the recipients of goods.

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