Secrets of paraffin candle production: from raw material to daily glow in your home

Secrets of paraffin candle production: from raw material to daily glow in your home 22 April 2024

Feel invited to delve into the secrets of the creation of paraffin candles, whose flames illuminate our interiors and create a unique atmosphere. Have you ever wondered where the raw material for producing this light source comes from, whose origins date back to the mid-19th century?

The entire process of producing paraffin candles begins with the extraction of crude oil – a mining energy raw material consisting of a mixture of natural liquid hydrocarbons, along with dissolved solid and gaseous hydrocarbons. After extraction, the oil undergoes a distillation process, during which hydrocarbons too heavy to distill at atmospheric pressure are directed to a vacuum column. It is in this column that oil fractions, including mixtures of liquid and solid substances, are separated.

Subsequent stages involve purification (refining) and separation of the resulting oil fractions into a liquid oil base and paraffin cake containing solid hydrocarbons and some residual oil. To obtain high-quality paraffin necessary for candle production, it is essential to separate most of the remaining oil in the cake and subject the substance to further refining to improve its color and odor.

The finished paraffin is then modified by adding dyes, aromas, and selecting appropriate wicks and containers, giving the candles their characteristic appearance and scent.

This is the journey the raw material must undergo in order for our candles, which add charm and warmth to your homes, to be created. Discover candles by the HAVENO brand with us!