The INNOLOT sectoral program is intended to finance research and development work on innovative solutions for the aviation industry. The program results from an agreement concluded between the National Centre for Research and Development and a group of airline associations representing the Polish Aeronautical Technology Platform.

The budget of the program amounts to PLN 500 million, of which the share of associations in the budget amounts to 40%, while the remainder is financed by the National Centre for Research and Development from the funds of the Innovative Economy Operational Programme (IE OP). The program is addressed to scientific consortia, the leaders of which will be entrepreneurs responsible for obtaining technology demonstrators set out in an annexe to the agreement. The program will be implemented in the years 2013–2018.


Project name: “Advanced casting technologies” (INNOCAST)
Project co-financed/financed by the National Centre for Research and Development under the INNOLOT program.

As part of the national INNOLOT program, POLWAX participates in the implementation of the project entitled: “Advanced casting technologies” (INNOCAST project) and is responsible for task 3 – Development and production of high-quality ‘hard’ casting waxes. These waxes will be used to cast rotor blades of an innovative aircraft engine.