New Strategy of POLWAX

New Strategy of POLWAX 05 February 2020

In a document adopted on Friday, January 31, 2020, the Company announces an increase in the efficiency of its operations due to the concentration of paraffin production in one plant in Jasło. Continuing cooperation with large recipients of candles and gravelights, and maintaining stability in financing operating activities by restructuring the current debt.

The Company commences the resumption of works on the Company’s prospectus prepared in connection with the public offering of the Company’s E series bearer shares. The company in current report No. 67/2019 of October 22, 2019 informed about the temporary suspension of prospectus works. Polwax plans to allocate funds from the issue of E series shares to repay the investment loan and finance investment outlays related to the reorganization based on the concentration of paraffin production in Jasło.