Important date for Polwax S.A. shareholders

Important date for Polwax S.A. shareholders 30 July 2019

On 31.07.2019, pre-emptive rights to the new issue shares will be allocated. Pursuant to the report No 38/2019 of 31.05.2019: “one pre-emptive right to subscribe for new E-series shares will authorize to subscribe for two ordinary E-series bearer shares”. “The company will offer a total of 20,600,000 (twenty million six hundred thousand) series E ordinary bearer shares with a nominal value of PLN 0.05 (five groszy), i.e. the maximum number of series E shares.”

The Company’s shares will be offered at the issue price of PLN 1. The shares will be issued with pre-emptive rights in relation to the current shareholders of the Company (as indicated in resolution No 3 adopted by the EGM of the Company on 25/03/2019).

As a result, the amount by which the Company’s share capital is to be increased is a maximum of PLN 1,030,000 (one million thirty thousand zlotys), which results from multiplying the offered number of ordinary series E bearer shares in the number of 20,600,000 by the nominal value of one share of 0, PLN 05 (increase of the Company’s share capital by PLN 1,030,000 applies if all offered shares of the new issue will be acquired by shareholders).

Detailed information is available on the Company’s website in the tab: investor relations in reports No. 13/2019 of 25/03/2019 (the above mentioned resolution No 3 of the EGM of the Company) and No 38/2019 of 31/05/2019.

Pursuant to the applicable provisions, shareholders who hold the Company’s shares registered on their brokerage accounts on 31.07.2019 are entitled to obtain subscription rights.

The information is of a promotional nature and should under no circumstances constitute the basis for making decisions on the purchase of Polwax S.A. securities. The prospectus prepared in connection with the public offering of the Company’s shares and their admission and introduction to trading on a regulated market will be the only legally binding document containing information about the Company and the Offer. The prospectus will be made available on the Company’s website (