Złota Setka Firm Podkarpacia 2022 – report from the gala

Złota Setka Firm Podkarpacia 2022 – report from the gala 29 September 2022

On Wednesday, September 28, the 16th edition of the Złota Setka Firm Podkarpacia took place at the Presidential Hotel in Rzeszów. This ranking is an important source of information about the condition and development of economic entities in Podkarpacie. The latest ranking included the results for 2021.

It was a very unusual time and incomparable to any other period. After the greatest economic crisis since World War II, which was caused by the coronavirus, Russia invaded Ukraine, which in turn caused a huge increase in energy prices. However, most of the companies (65 of 100), achieved an increase in income. Bravo entrepreneurs from Podkarpacie. [1]

Polwax is one of these 65 companies. Thanks to sales revenues in 2021, at the level of 271,942 thousand PLN, company was placed on the 46th position in the ranking. Polwax also took 9th place in the Złota Dziesiątka in the stock market capitalization category for companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

A full report on the event is available at www.nowiny24.pl

[1] https://nowiny24.pl/za-nami-kongres-zlota-setka-firm-podkarpacia-2022-oto-najwieksze-firmy-w-regionie-zdjecia-wideo/ar/c3-16917309