Polwax – laureate of the “ZłotaSetka” ranking

Polwax – laureate of the “ZłotaSetka” ranking 29 September 2021

On 28 September, the results of the 15th edition of the “ZłotaSetka” ranking of companies of the Podkarpacie region organised by the Nowiny journal were announced. It constitutes an important source of information about the condition and development of economic operators in the Podkarpacie region. The ranking is based on four basic measures assessing the company’s market activity: sales revenues, dynamics of these revenues, employment and export value.

Thanks to its revenues from sales achieved in 2020 in the amount of PLN 214 thousand, Polwax S.A. took 42nd place in the ranking. The company also took 8th place in the “ZłotaDziesiątka”, in the category of market capitalisation for companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. In addition, it received a distinction for its continued development and expansion into new market outlets. The award, on behalf of the company, was collected by Dariusz Szlęzak, President of the Management Board.