Issue of E series shares – current information

Issue of E series shares – current information 01 August 2019

Polwax S.A. informs its shareholders that due to ongoing work at the PFSA Office regarding the approval of the prospectus on the issue of E series shares, until the prospectus is approved by the PFSA Office and published by the Company, the shareholders will not be able to exercise their share-warrants, i.e. subscribe for E series shares. The published prospectus will contain the conditions for conducting it and a detailed schedule of the offer.

The information is of a promotional nature and should under no circumstances constitute the basis for making decisions on the purchase of Polwax S.A. securities. The prospectus prepared in connection with the public offering of the Company’s shares and their admission and introduction to trading on a regulated market will be the only legally binding document containing information about the Company and the Offer. The prospectus will be made available on the Company’s website