Immerse yourself in the Unique World of Candle Scents from Our New Collection

Immerse yourself in the Unique World of Candle Scents from Our New Collection 11 May 2024

The World of Exceptional Aromas

Enjoy a magical journey through the senses with the scents from our latest candle collection, transporting you to a world of unforgettable aromas and subtle experiences. Each candle is a composition of unique scent notes that unfold over time, revealing new and sometimes surprising nuances.

The first of our candles, “Cotton Milk,” is a subtle olfactory composition that transports you to distant realms of relaxation and tranquility. In the top notes, you’ll discover the delicate sweetness of almonds and soothing coconut, enveloping you from the first lighting of the candle. Then, in the heart of the composition, the scent of whipped cream appears, adding notes of creamy comfort. To complete this olfactory harmony, the base notes conceal a deep essence of vanilla combined with a delicate hint of white musk. Together, they create an unforgettable bouquet of aromas that will accompany you through long hours of relaxation.

The second proposition is the “Pink Pepper” candle, which takes your breath away with its exciting blend of aromas. It starts with refreshing bergamot along with juicy grapefruit and characteristic pink pepper. Then, the distinct scent of saffron develops with aromatic cinnamon, touching on notes of depth and mystery. Finally, there is a surprising combination of tobacco blended with vetiver, giving the entire composition a distinctive character and elegance, creating a true feast for the senses.

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