Florowax and green waxes help protect the vine

Florowax and green waxes help protect the vine 08 July 2019

The climate is looking more and more kindly towards Polish vines. It is worth mentioning that Polwax has been cooperating with grape growers in various European countries for many years. Of course also with Polish ones. Among others, FLOROWAX and green waxes have been developed for the vines. These are products designed to protect them during transport and planting. Ceresin also goes to this market. There is no doubt that water loss is particularly severe during transport and shortly after placing the seedling in the ground, when, due to the underdeveloped root system, the water supply of the plant is poor. The wax composition developed by us allows for a significant reduction of related losses.

Let us remind you that the tradition of viticulture in Lower and Upper Silesia dates back to the 11th century. Leszek Jodliński, an outstanding expert on the history of the region, mentions in one of his studies that the King of Prussia, Frederick I, was supposed to say about the local wine that “looks better than it tastes” (this was also quoted by future US president John Quincy Adams who was wandering around Silesia in year 1803). This does not change the fact that in the cellars of Zielona Góra, Środa Śląska, Lubiąż or Bytom Nadodrzański, local wines were stored and intensively traded. Historians add, however, that to improve the taste of wines, following the Greeks and Romans, beginning from the Middle Ages, herbs were added to them, or they were sweetened with honey.