Anti-frost torches – paraffin product for the protection of plants

Anti-frost torches – paraffin product for the protection of plants 01 April 2022

Polwax has been specialising in the production of various paraffin formulas for many years, trying to find the best solution for various branches of industry and agriculture. This time, a product was developed to help fruit farmers and vine-growers, who each year suffer losses as a result of early spring frost and unexpected but heavy snowfalls.

There are currently several proven methods of plant protection used to reduce potential damage: thermal covers, air mixing with propellers, sprinkling, fumigating or heating. One of the easiest and the most effective methods are anti-frost torches. They operate by combining two methods: heating with fumigating. The smoke forms a protective layer that reduces heat loss in a way similar to a greenhouse. In turn, the warmth of a torch heats the air and the earth in its immediate surroundings.

– Polwax’s torches contain a significant amount of paraffin, which burns in about 10 hours, releasing a lot of heat and, as a result, increasing the ambient temperature. This protects the plants from frost. Thanks to the use of a cardboard wick, it is possible to quickly and easily ignite the torch on a large surface using, e.g. a gas burner. The design of the wick also allows the previously extinguished torch to be restarted. A metal lid protects the candle from moisture until it is used again – emphasised Mateusz Kłaczek, Product Development Manager.

Polwax offers not only a finished product in metal, durable packaging, but also refill cartridges that are a much better, cheaper, simpler and more environmentally friendly way to reuse packaging than sending them to be refilled.