HOT-MELT adhesives

HOT-MELT adhesives

ALPACKWAX, a laminate used in the production of packaging, Fusible Wax designed to bond wooden surfaces, Termowax used, among others, to stick wick tabs, and ISOWAX designed to stick wax decorative patterns onto candle surfaces are the first hot-melt adhesives introduced to the product portfolio of Polwax S.A. Hot-melt adhesives, once
melted and heated up, are liquids of low viscosity which easily wet out the surfaces to be bonded. As the temperature decreases, a hot-melt adhesive quickly solidifies to form a joint that permanently bonds the adhesive-covered surfaces.

The chief advantage of hot-melt adhesives produced by Polwax S.A. over popular solventbased adhesives is that the former emit no harmful volatile organic compounds that evaporate while a solvent adhesive is drying. Elimination of volatile solvents from the bonding process reduces the time needed to form permanent joint. When surfaces are bonded with Fusible Wax, ALPACKWAX, Termowax or ISOWAX, the joint only requires to be cooled down to the temperature at which the adhesive is hardened. Thus made joints are characterised by high durability and strength. Unlike in processes using solvent-based adhesives, application of hot-melt adhesives, such as Fusible Wax, ALPACKWAX, Termowax or ISOWAX, in a technological process requires no additional equipment (dryers, furnaces) to evaporate the solvent.

An additional advantage of hot-melt adhesives produced by Polwax S.A. is that the joints made with them are insensitive to water or moisture. Application of hot-melt waxes presents no difficulty, however, the adhesive should not be applied onto damp or wet surfaces as this could produce undurable joint.