Casting Waxes

Casting Waxes

Formowax is used in investment casting foundries for the production of high-quality castings in the lost-wax casting process. Application of Formowax, a soft pattern wax, in the production process enables the manufacture of precision castings with high-quality surface from various casting alloys. Formowax can be also used for the manufacture of inlet systems.

Formowax is a multi-component blend of products with diverse carbon chain lengths. This results in its specific physical properties. While heated up, the pattern wax is transformed into an intermediate state; as the temperature rises it softens to become plastic, which makes it possible to apply Formowax to a matrix also in the form of a paste.

Usability of Formowax has been proved by tests carried out under investment casting conditions. The tests carried out in investment casting foundries proved full fitness of Formowax for the production process. The wax offers the possibility of, among other things, improving the quality of patterns and castings, and reducing the number of defects. 

INCASTWAX M68 and INCASTWAX M74 are used as pattern wax to perform in investment casting industry to produce wax patterns. INCASTWAX S70 is used as sprue wax to perform in investment casting industry to produce sprue systems.