Anti-caking agents for fertilisers

Anti-caking agents for fertilisers protect granules of mineral fertilisers against caking and prevent dusting in the course of technological processes as well as during transport and application.

Thanks to their carefully developed formulas, Polwax anti-caking agents prevent fertiliser granules from crumbling and impregnate their surfaces. This provides protection for granules against adverse environmental impact and extends the period when the active substances penetrate the soil.

The range of products offered by Polwax includes conditioning preparations for the most widely used types of chemical fertilizers: AGROWAX, designed to protect phosphorus fertilisers, and SALWAX designed to be added to ammonium nitrate and fertilisers developed based on it.

The formulas of Polwax S.A.’s anti-caking agents have been developed based on petroleum derivatives, fatty amines and supplementary components which enhance the product’s performance characteristics. The composition of petroleum-derived hydrocarbons is characterised by a low content of aromatic hydrocarbons, thus reducing the potentially carcinogenic effect of the product.