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The Polwax company was founded thanks to co-operation with a venture capital model financial investor. Polwax launched its activity in January 2012 as a result of separating of company Lotos Parafiny Sp. z o.o. out of the corporate structures of Capital Group Lotos S.A. 

Owing to many years of experience, innovation and continuous expansion of the products' portfolio, the Polwax company is one of the largest leading producers and distributors of refined and deodorized paraffin, waxes and specialty industrial paraffin compositions.

Thanks to high-tech processes, high and stable quality of products, as well as co-operation with numerous research institutes and the offer adjusted to the individual needs of the customer,  our products are appreciated by consumers and are used in various industries such as:

  • fertilizer industry,
  • investment casting,
  • wood processing,
  • production of varnishes and paints,
  • rubber industry,
  • paper and packaging industry,
  • production of construction materials,
  • manufacture of explosives,
  • manufacture of candles and grave lights,
  • food industry.

Polwax also offers a wide range of candles and grave lights produced on the basis of high-tech engineering including machine serial production and handmade artistic candles.
The production is carried out in two facilities located in Jaslo and Czechowice-Dziedzice.